Upgrade is an Art!
A lot of people chose to self install the performance parts, although the scooter upgrades are not parts install only, there are many adjustments and experience involved, also need some fancy imagination. Most of performance parts in Japan and Taiwan are not sell as packages, customers relied on master or senior mechanic mixed and match the parts for best results, every famous workshop has its own recipes. Because the engine size and space in scooter are very limited, each change will improve something but also lost something... So, Upgrade is an Art!

We strongly recommend an Experienced and Manufacturer Certified Mechanic to perform the installation for you. By click on any icon above and use the instructions from following pages, you agree to respond for your own behaviors, jiangwayne.com inc. and manufacturers are NOT responsible for damages caused to any vehicle.

Frame / Engine Number
There are many differences between scooters made for Japanese, Taiwanese, American, Canadian & European markets. So to avoid confusion, we need your scooter's Frame Number (VIN) or Engine Number if you choose to self install our parts. We strongly recommend you bring the scooter to us for less hassles. All of our parts have been tested locally in Vancouver, CANADA, and Los Angeles, U.S.A. before being released on the market. We also do quality checks locally before ship to you.

China Made Scooters
More and more China made scooters around, most of them are clone from Japanese or Taiwanese models because the technology transfer and manufacture cooperation with the quality brands, such as: However, we supply full range of aftermarket parts for genuine models, but NONE of our part has been tested on China made scooters, although the parts may work on clone engines. There for, you could purchase all kind of parts from us, but we do NOT guarantee the results and performance may very, we will NOT provide any mechanical service in-store or on-line as well. Before you place orders, make sure you know what exactly your engine and model are, thank you!

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