Yes! We Love Scooters.
Where we grew up, scooters were a very reliable commuter vehicle. They are also affordable and extremely fuel efficient. When we were students, we would show them off. When we were dating, they were a romantic get-away machine. When we were out of school and could find no jobs, they were a money saver. And now that we are older, they are our favorite hobby.

With 20 years professional experience on Japanese and Taiwanese scooters, we know scooters like we know chopsticks. We are supported by fully trained technical staffs from Japan and scooter racing team in Taiwan. We can help you decide what is right for your individual scooter riding needs. From high performance to commuter gas savers. From various tire types to disc brake sales and installation, we have the expertise.

We tested all parts locally in Canada and Japan before offering them to you, ensuring they work properly for both American and Canadian version scooters. There is no middle-man, we select only the best quality parts, then import directly from manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan. We knew every single part that we carry and its performance, also provide you fully technical supports and performance recipes.
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